Create a healthy life you love!

I’m here for you with my team of nutrition coaches to help you embrace the joy of eating well and create a healthy life you love! All of our nutrition coaches are registered dietitian nutritionists dedicated to a united philosophy.

Our philosophy

Having a healthy relationship with food is much more than the food itself.

Simply counting calories or avoiding certain elements in food will never truly nourish you in a complete way. Healthy eating is about finding a balance between the science of nutrition, your own personal intuition on what feels good and enough in your body, understating how and why you eat, and enjoying the abundance of flavors and joyous rituals that food provides.

We are nutrition coaches, not counselors.

While a counselor might put you on a specific nutrition or weight-loss program, as coaches we encourage you to be an active participant in the process of creating the life you desire. We find that this style of collaboration most facilitates your investment in developing your own goals and action plans and that you will be more likely to follow through and achieve and maintain the results you want.

Honor your unique body.

We are not all built to have a model physique (or rather what society purports to be a “model physique”) and for most of us no level of dietary restriction or exercise will change that. This is not about you eating or looking “perfect” (if that is your goal, there are other people who can better assist you). We are about helping you create a healthy life that you love – in your skin, on your terms. We will help you love and accept the body you were given and create healthy habits that unleash the true power of your body, mind and spirit.

You must be accountable.

While we will be your inspirational coach, providing you with expert resources and “aha” perspectives on how to keep moving forward to reach your health and wellness goals, at the end of the day it’s your accountability and ability to keep going when things feel off course or feel uncomfortable that will make or break your success.


How It Works

Through our individualized coaching programs we will lead you through the following phases
Personal Assessment
Personal Assessment

We discuss your health history and any current ailments, your food preferences and patterns, as well as your challenges and goals to creating the healthy life you desire. We also determine your unique lifestyle needs and desires, including your schedules, family structure, skills, values and beliefs regarding food and healthy living.

Customized Plan
Customized Plan

Together we will create your customized health and nutrition plan. We do not prescribe or endorse any particular diet because every single one of us is complex and different with unique lives, needs and bodies. We work with you every step of the way to develop a customized meal plan to provide you with structure and guidance to help you reach your goals. We can also provide you with recipe ideas, restaurant guidance, and lifestyle resources to optimize your personal plan of attack.

Ongoing Support
Ongoing Support

Follow-up appointments provide you with valuable time to “check-in”. Together we will discuss how you are doing on your plan, make any adjustments, answer questions and set new goals. These visits are all about you, getting the guidance and motivation you need to succeed.

Other Notes

All services are available in-person in Los Angeles, CA, as well as anywhere in the world by telephone, Skype and FaceTime. We do not accept insurance at this time.

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