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Diet Like A Man

March 2014

Learn the science behind men's seemingly random weight loss strategies and lose more weight.

fox news

7 Nutrition Myths Debunked

March 2014

Is microwaving food safe? Are “white” foods less nutritious? Learn the truth about seven common nutrition myths.


Diets of Olympic Athletes

February 2014

Patricia Bannan stops by Studio 11 to show viewers how to eat like an olympic athlete.

the doctors

Smart Snacking Solutions

January 2014

Patricia Bannan shares smart snacking solutions to help you stay full longer without adding inches to your waistline.

fox news

7 Brain Foods for Breakfast

January 2014

Try eating these seven foods to jump start your brain and help boost your productivity in the morning.

cooking light

7 Healthy & Delicious Seeds

November 2013

Tiny nutritional powerhouses, check out Patricia Bannan's guide to the whys and hows of seven super seeds.

self magazine

Give Lunch Some Love

October 2013

Eating out? Outsmart sneaky fat traps at five types of restaurants with these simple ordering secrets.

shine yahoo

5 Weight Loss Foods

October 2013

Can eating chocolate be a good thing if you're trying to lose weight? Try these surprising weight loss foods.

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