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Simple Nutrition Strategies

November 2014

How do nutritionists eat and live to align with the science? Check out these simple strategies nutritionists swear by.


Smart Snacking Giveaway

October 2014

Patricia Bannan stops by Universal Studios Hollywood to do a popchips promotion with Mario Lopez.

fox news

Foods To Help You Sleep

October 2014

Problem sleeping? Try these eight foods rich in sleep-inducing ingredients that can naturally help you get more z's.

us world news

Childhood Food Regrets

October 2014

Did you avoid certain foods as a kid? Nutritionists share foods they did not eat as a kid - but wish they did.

Surprising Foods Nutritionists Eat

September 2014

Patricia Bannan interviews top nutritionists about the surprising foods they eat -- and why you should too.

shape magazine

Nutritionists Confess

September 2014

Who says you have to be perfect? Hear how nutritionists don't always follow their own advice.

yahoo news

Almond Milk Vs. Soy Milk

September 2014

Which is better: almond milk or soy milk? Patricia Bannan does a head-to-head breakdown of the two.


Best New Gluten-Free Foods

September 2014

Do you need to avoid gluten? Try these ten top picks for the best new gluten-free foods.

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